Devils Ivy

Devils Ivy

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Stunning Devils Ivy pots available as a hanging pot or extra large totem.

Hanging Pot: Approx. 19cm diameter. Perfect if you would like tendrils to cascade down from a high place.

XL Totem: Approx. 30cm diameter and 1.5m tall. Natural wood totem that allows the tendrils to climb to new heights.

Care: One of the easiest indoor plants around, Epipremnum do well in almost any indirect light and enjoy having their soil dry out completely between watering. Brighter natural lighting will encourage more variegation in the leaves while a darker spot is just fine as long as watering is reduced. New plants can easily be propagated from a cutting as long as there is a node present. Indoor plant food is a great boost for new growth in the warmer months but should not be used while the plant is dormant during winter. 

Sit back and watch this "little" baby grow, grow, grow!

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